Pambry Electronics, the company behind Listen Ear™ has partnered with Reactec Ltd to bring you technology with an unprecedented ability to deliver ISO standard compliant assessments easily and at a low cost.

Pambry Electronics Listen Ear™

The Pambry Electronics Listen Ear™ will become the second personal noise dosimeter available from Reactec adding more choice to their range of affordable, easy to use equipment.


Reactec help forward-thinking organisations switch from being mitigators of industrial workplace health risk, to being preventers by supplying an eco-system of workplace wearables and cloud-based analytics.

The widely accessible data analytics that Reactec provide enable anyone to understand noise assessments so you can move forward with the knowledge you need to best assess and refine your workplace risk, and ensure your regulatory compliance. No consultants necessary.

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Established in 1972, Pambry Electronics is a specialist developer, supplier and distributor of Acoustics products. From our development centre in Poole, Dorset, UK, we supply acoustics products to some of the world’s most demanding organisations including the Ministry of Defence, major Aerospace companies, the RNLI and Formula One teams.

A quintessential sound of the British countryside or an irritating source of noise pollution? The answer it seems, lies in the ears of the listener.

When a local council received a complaint that the local bell ringers were becoming a nuisance, they needed to reassure local residents that noise levels hadn’t increased significantly and definitely weren’t a threat to health.

Whilst there had been a church on the site for over 800 years and the residents must have known it was there when they bought the house, the council recognised that they did have a point when claiming that nobody had ever checked that the noise from the bells wasn’t harmful.

When they started to research noise damage, it became clear that much more is now understood about the long term, cumulative, damage possible from noise exposure and that it is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Even if the noise has been part of our environment for centuries.

A sound survey was the first proposed solution but, with initial estimates coming in at £2000 – £3000 for a one-off survey, was going to be prohibitively expensive. Especially if it needed repeating several times.

After researching the market for different options, it was decided that the simplest, and most cost effective, solution was to treat the residents as “workers” and measure their “daily dose” of noise. This would not only provide a measure of the actual noise level the residents were exposed to but also include any other possible noise sources. As damage to health from noise is known to be cumulative, other noise sources needed to be taken into account as well.

The noise “Dosimeter” selected was Listen Ear™ from Pambry Electronics. This is a simple, wearable device that costs less than £300 and has the huge advantage of a 4 week battery life. Using Listen Ear™ it was possible to simply charge the unit and set it to log noise measurements then give it to local residents to wear for a few days. The display on the meter shows instantaneous noise levels and % of a safe daily dose with warning lights if there is a risk of harm. If desired the resident can be given a simple, free, App to monitor their noise exposure on a tablet or phone.

Listen Ear™ App Screens

Once the Listen Ear™ has been recovered it’s a simple matter to check the actual noise dose measured and download a detailed log file for archiving or detailed analysis.

This “self-survey” approach has the additional benefit of reassuring the residents that the survey really does represent the noise they are exposed to.

For less than the cost of an initial survey, the local council have shown that the bell noise really isn’t a threat to hearing health and they know have a simple tool to measure possible noise problems anywhere else in the community.

Established in 1972, Pambry Electronics is a specialist developer, supplier and distributor of Acoustics products. From our development centre in Poole, Dorset, UK, we supply acoustics products to some of the world’s most demanding organisations including the Ministry of Defence, major Aerospace companies, the RNLI and Formula One teams.

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UK based Pambry Electronics Ltd of Poole in Dorset have recently launched their new Personal Noise Dose Meter. It is believed to be the lowest priced Class 2 Noise Dose PME (personal monitoring equipment) in the world and is typically 30% to 50% of its nearest rival.

Expected markets are Health and Safety in, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Test Engineering, Club and Concert staff plus many others.

With a footprint smaller than a credit card and just 15mm thick (not including the clothing clip), the device has been designed on the back of years of Pambry Electronics’ military experience in microphones and electronics, and such issues as periodic calibration has been extended to more than a year. Also the environmental conditions in which the device can be used are much tougher.

The device part number PED 0828 (shown above with its optionally available external microphone) is unique as it not only includes all the usual features of its rivals’ product such as measurement of Noise Dose (8hr day), Noise Level, Data logging and download, etc but has inbuilt capability to monitor Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity, Motion and Orientation.

A key new feature is the addition of device knock and vibration detection. This feature vastly improves the accuracy of the noise dose results and is subject to a PCT patent application.

The device comes in three standard colours, cream, grey or black. Special colours can be ordered subject to quantity.

Extracting the data recordings (datalog files) can either be via microUSB cable or mobile application connectivity to your smart phone or PC. The cable connection is also used to recharge the device from any PC USB port or charger.

The battery life between charges is in excess of 4 working weeks and the device meets the criteria of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (UK) and international standards IEC 61672-1 and IEC 61252.

It is expected the device will appeal not just to the usual corporate users anxious to protect their employees but also individuals wishing to know if their hearing is under threat as the price is well within the reach of most individuals. The device can accommodate the use of earmuffs by selecting from the built in database or keying in the specified earmuff SNR value.

The external microphone is recommended for use when the weather conditions are poor and the user would prefer to place the main device somewhere like a coat pocket

The display is lit to allow ease of use in poorly illuminated situations, and displays selectable pages of information such current and projected Noise Dose, current and max Noise Level, graphical presentation of Noise level history (last 2hrs), current/min and max Temperature and Relative Humidity, Battery charge status, Noise data detail to current time, and further sub level settings pages to allow selection of the more complex features of the device.

There is also a warning light that flashes Amber when the Noise dose has reached 70% (of the safe level for 8hr day) and Red when 90% has been reached. It will also flash Blue when peak safe noise level of 120dBC has been exceeded. All level thresholds and weightings can be changed in these settings page too.

The data log recording files can be used to provide some clever analysis since all measurements including temperature, humidity, knock count, motion, etc are available against the built in real time clock.

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